Big Deer 2017-2018

Keep an Eye Out…


…and register today for the annual B.C. MacDonald/Metrology Center Big Deer Contest.

Official Rules:

  1. Entrants must be employed by a customer or vendor company of B.C. MacDonald or Metrology Center.
  2. There is NO COST to enter.
  3. First Place wins $300. Second Place wins $150. Third Place** wins $100. **Third place will be determined by a random selection (names in a hat) from among all entrants who submit an entry. Send in your photos and you’ll have a chance to win!
  4. Registration is now closed, but the contest will run until Jan. 15, 2017. No entries will be accepted after Jan. 22, 2017.
  5. Deer must be taken by legal hunting methods, in accordance with the regulations of the state in which the deer is harvested. Vehicle-killed deer or deer found already dead do not qualify.
  6. Photos must include the hunter along with his or her deer. Entrants must wear a B. C. MacDonald or Metrology Center hat in their photos to be eligible. If you need a hat, contact your B.C. MacDonald or Metrology Center sales rep or email and specify the address to which it can be shipped.
  7. Contestants may enter multiple deer in the contest.
  8. Entrants must be registered before his or her hunt to be eligible. Each participant must register individually (no group entries) following the instructions below:

To Register, each participant must email the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Preferred Email Address – home or work email addresses are acceptable.
  4. If you need a hat, specify camouflage or hunter orange and the address to which it can be shipped.

To Submit An Entry, each participant must email the following information:

  1. At least four photos of you and your deer. Contestants must wear a B.C. MacDonald or Metrology Center hat. Send the best quality photos as your pictures are what we use to judge the winners. Remember – No hat. No logo. No entry. No prize.
  2. Additional information such as your deer’s measurements are encouraged and helpful.

Photo Gallery/Just for Fun:

Want to see the biggest and best deer from this year’s contest? Click here. You can also email any good scouting camera photos or pictures of your children, significant other or friends with their deer and we’ll post them here.

Share the Harvest:

In Missouri, Share the Harvest is an opportunity for hunters with extra venison to help out those in need. Our neighboring states have similar programs and B.C. MacDonald & Co. strongly encourages your participation. For more information, click here.

Who’s Hungry?

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