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The products division, with its fixturing and work holding designs, serves all manufacturers that inspect or laser mark parts worldwide. Inspection Arsenal™ and Laser Arsenal™ is a LEAN inspection fixture concept that is really catching fire and saving manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars. Companies like Milwaukee Tool are swapping over their quality departments world-wide, SpaceX, Triangle Manufacturing, Kennebec Technologies and hundreds more now use Inspection Arsenal™ exclusively in their metrology labs. Local companies like Central Coating use Laser Arsenal™ plates to speed up their in-house laser marking service.

Through the products division we design, manufacture and sell a line of quick-swap inspection fixtures and work holding that is truly an industry game-changer. For decades, the only fixture plate offered was one that covered the whole granite of a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) which meant that inspectors would have to build inspection setups and break them down when a new part came up for inspection.

Quality control has always been a huge bottleneck in manufacturing. With the new magnetically interlocking, puzzle-like fixture plates, inspectors are able to set up any number of inspection setups at one time without the need to break down and rebuild setups. The fixture system is so simple and universal, any number of employees can inspect and it can be used on a variety of inspection equipment from traditional CMMs, Vision systems, to optical comparators and portable shop-floor CMMs.



Product Areas

  • CMM Fixturing
  • Vision Fixturing
  • Work Holding Components
  • Specialty Clamps & Vises



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