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BC MacDonald has been providing automation solutions for over 95 years. Machining technologies, work holding options, and automation solutions are constantly evolving and becoming more technical. This is compounded with your challenge to find and retain skilled staff to program and operate your machines. Automating your equipment can overcome these challenges while also providing many benefits. BC MacDonald can support you by designing, implementing, and supporting your automation projects. Some of our services include:

Automation Implementation

  • Part and material handling
    • Machine tending: We supply and integrate machine tending and robot loading. We can offer standardized solutions, or fully custom automation solutions.
    • Bar feeders: Automate inbound material on your turning equipment. BC MacDonald can supply you with a variety of options to add a bar feeder system to your turning equipment. We also have skilled technicians trained to complete the installation and integration of these systems.
    • Finished part management: Robot unload, outbound conveyors and finished part management. BC MacDonald can help you with automating the finished part management in your equipment. We can integrate custom solutions, and we also represent many different equipment manufacturers that have integrated part handling direct from the factory.
  • Integrated automation: BC MacDonald has many manufacturer partners that have developed and integrated automation into their equipment as a native factory solution. This includes part loading, transfers, finished part management, inspection, changeover, and many other fully integrated automation options. In addition, we also have many options that support multi-pallet implementations for volume or part flexibility.
  • Complete automation solutions: We can provide you with systems that include complete cell management, robot integrations, machine tending, secondary operations, multi-machine integration, material management, adding basic automation to your existing equipment and process, complete and complex automated solutions including integrated inspection, measurement, and real-time part tolerance management. Consult with our team to learn how to best implement an automated solution around your specific application.
  • Workholding: We represent all the major workholding manufacturers, and can support you in integrating workholding solutions to improve your machining processes, speed up change overs, improve multi-operation setups, and more.

Turn-key Solutions

  • Coupling our engineering services with equipment and automation, we can supply a complete turn-key solution including equipment selection, programming, tooling, work holding, run-off, validation, quality and inspection, etc. Our experienced application engineers have experience in all aspects of machining, including vertical machining centers, lathes, multi-spindle lathes, b-axis lathes, mill-turn, 5-axis, hard milling, Swiss turning, multi-spindle – you name it.
  • BC MacDonald is a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, capable of facilitating your automation journey wherever you are on the path.
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