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The nearly $3 trillion automotive and powertrain market is facing technology and market shifts but remains a key market for advanced machining and measurement technologies.  You need a partner that understands series production volumes, tight tolerances, quality program and PPAP compliance, automation and integrated data collection.  BC MacDonald provides support, from application engineers with deep knowledge of BC MacDonald’s product lines and operational experience with thousands of customers, to a sales and service team to train you and provide installation and other services for your investment.

You will find in BC MacDonald a partner that understands Automotive.  You can expect assistance with solutions including the right machine selection, suitable for automotive series production, often with built-in automation.  Let BC MacDonald help with complex fixturing, automated part handling, and palletized machining for high mix applications.  BC MacDonald’s world class partners provide multi-spindle solutions, and high accuracy horizontal, vertical, 5-axis, or mill-turn machines.  BC MacDonald’s experienced applications and sales team can help you select and optimize the right solutions for your parts.

Measurement and quality control are your next challenge.  BC MacDonald can help provide vision, 3D scanning, touch probe, and computed tomography (CT) metrology solutions, along with part marking so you can complete quality control documents and ensure lot traceability.  BC MacDonald can also provide these non-destructive solutions as a service; our application engineers are fully trained at the cutting edge of measurement techniques.  So whether you need help setting up a new program or reaching high throughput levels, BC MacDonald can help.

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