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The recreation industry includes a diverse set of products such as snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and scooters, fishing and power boats, and recreational firearms.  While some of these products feature drivetrain components similar to automotive end uses, important differences exist.  Production volumes can be lower, and machining processes may need to handle a higher variety of parts.

BC MacDonald can help you with machine selection to meet your critical to quality features, whether a mirror-like surface finish, tight tolerance for high performance and long life parts, or fixturing and automation solutions to extend working hours and increase efficiency.

BC MacDonald partners with customers serving the recreation industry to meet these requirements.  You can expect assistance with solutions including the right machine selection for your application, complex fixturing, automated part handling, and palletized machining for high mix applications.  Your needs for reducing the number of setups or finishing parts in one machine are met by BC MacDonald’s application engineers and its world class partners.  They provide multi-spindle machines, and high accuracy horizontal, vertical, 5-axis, Swiss lathe, or mill-turn machines.  Unique parts may require BC MacDonald’s support for an additive manufacturing solution, or a mixed AM and machining solution.

Measurement and quality control are your next challenge.  BC MacDonald can help provide vision, 3D scanning,  tactile, and computed tomography (CT) metrology solutions, along with part marking so you can complete quality control documents and ensure lot traceability.  BC MacDonald can also provide these non-destructive solutions as a service; our application engineers are fully trained at the cutting edge of measurement techniques.  Whether you need help setting up a new program, supporting automation, or reaching high throughput levels, BC MacDonald can help.

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