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Making high precision molds for plastic injection molding, or tooling and die sets for stamping requires tight tolerance machining.  Having the right blend of skills in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, machining capabilities, and cutting tools are critical to making these parts at the quality and cost demanded by your customers. BC MacDonald can help.  Our team has spent over 95 years helping solve these challenges.  BC MacDonald’s world class partners provide high-accuracy machines capable of micron tolerances, superior surface finishes and true 5-axis operation.  Additive Manufacturing creates new tool design opportunities with conformal cooling in previously impossible locations, while printing short-run tooling or even end-use parts shortens your time to market.  BC MacDonald’s experienced applications and sales team can help you select and optimize the right solutions for your needs.

When it comes to measuring dies, molds and tooling applications, understanding the fit of different components in a system is as important as meeting individual part tolerances.  BC MacDonald can help provide metrology solutions or services that use vision, 3D scanning, tactile, or computed tomography (CT) sensors to non-destructively test individual parts or systems.  If you prefer to outsource measurement, let BC MacDonalds’s application engineers help; we are fully trained at the cutting edge of metrology techniques.

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