Vision Engineering DRV Stereo CAM

The Power of 3D Digital Stereo

Get the viewing benefits of a 3D high resolution stereo zoom microscope and the convenience and speed of a digital microscope in one. Using the incredible DRV display technology, 3D stereo images can be viewed, captured and shared, using glasses-free technology. Magnification up to 700x makes DRV Stereo CAM as useful for capturing and sharing the smallest details efficiently and effectively.

Faster better decisions

DRV Stereo CAM is a market changing technology that improves the speed and quality of your decision making and product validation process by combining the benefits of magnified optical stereo binocular vision with digital technology to deliver an entirely new stereo microscopy capability.

Superb quality optics delivers high resolution, high contrast stereo images at the right magnification.

Whether looking at micro electronics, medical devices, precision components, scientific samples or any subject requiring magnification, viewing quality is enhanced, increasing work quality and thus reducing cost.

New visual flexibility

Because the image capture and image displays are separated, DRV Stereo CAM is not constrained by the position of the optics.

There is no need to be positioned directly over the sample to view it clearly in 3D, so the system can be configured for a variety of applications. Position your image view wherever you like.