Diatest Diatron D1000

The Diatest Diatron D1000 is a complete system with four decimal places, which provides static and dynamic measurement, optional radio transmission and high resolution and precision. Plug gages (BMD) are self-indicating, self-centering, high precision measurement instruments.

This gage is suitable for both static and dynamic measurements. It can be used for manual detection of dimensional deviations and shapes defect errors in serial measurement bores at the machine and may also be installed in measuring equipment and automated systems.

Technical Specs


  • Resolution
    – 0,0001 mm/0.000005 inch
  • Accuracy
    – ±0,0002 mm linearity deviation over 3 mm travel
    – Additional linearization possible
  • Gaging method
    – Static and dynamic measurement (Max/Min/Diff.)
    – Dynamic measurement – continuous data transmission through radio and cable
    – Password protection of programming possible
  • Display
    – mm/inch
    – display of tolerances can be switched for all measuring modes
    – programmable keys of gage
  • Interface with latest technology
    – radio (optional)
    – 120 devices can be connected to one receiver
    – 200 m operating distance in open area
    – 2 million data transmissions without change of battery
    – high data security by real radio transmission
    – radio module is energized with battery of gauge
    – cable (optional)
    – galvanic isolation
    – programming and data transmission with USB or RS232 connection
  • Free software
    – Included for radio or cable