Photocentric LC Maximus

Production Ready. Industrial performance and scale made affordable.

Maximus delivers industrial scale 3D printing at a fraction of the price of conventional print hardware. Removing the high cost barrier to entry, Photocentric has made 3D printing accessible to industries looking to introduce a large scale digital printing solution to their production line.

From detailed high-volume small parts to large industrial prints

The large build volume of Maximus combined with its high-resolution screen provides an amazing solution for your large format 3D printing requirements.


Make large parts cost effectively. Use the maximum build volume of Maximus to create lots fo medium sized parts or one very large item.

Finished Parts

Traditional injection molding provides a cost-effective solution for mass manufactured plastic parts at scale, additive manufacturing at the other end makes one-offs that are cost-effective after amortising tooling costs, Maximus with its low capital cost and fast pay pack carves a new position out in between the two technologies. Providing solutions for custom low volume runs where tooling costs vs volume can be calculated in a new paradigm.