LMT Tools Rolling Systems

Whether it’s fittings for pipe systems, connections for car bodies, jack screws for house and bridge building or sucker rods for the oil and gas industry, threads are used in practically every sector.

Their job is always the same: firmly holding together what belongs together.


EVOline Rolling Head


Rolled threads guarantee maximum strength and resilience in the most demanding situations. LMT Tools has been developing rolling systems for chipless thread forming for over 60 years. By utilizing numerous individual innovations and its wealth of experience with industrial applications, it has now created a completely new generation of rolling head: The EVOline sets the very highest standard for efficiency, process reliability, precision and flexibility in thread rolling.

Thus far, the new generation of EVOline axial rolling heads is available in the following models:

  • F1 EVO for M6-M10 threads
  • F2 EVO for M8-M16 threads
  • F3 EVO for M12-M22 threads

All models offer the following features:

  • Fast, simple and precise thread production
  • Short production times, high quality and thread stability
  • Simple and precise fine adjustment of thread diameter
  • Permanent protection against chips and contamination
  • Easy assembly and high standard of safety from modular design
  • Trouble-free adjustment to user-specific applications