Lynx EVO

Work better, for longer

The Lynx EVO microscope was designed to increase productivity through superior ergonomics. Whatever your challenge – inspection, production, reworking, or anything else requiring magnification – a 3D depth perception and bright, high resolution, high contrast images you work comfortably and with greater concentration. Magnifications from 2.7x to 240x make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Greater efficiency

Providing enhanced hand to eye coordination, more working space for tools and better peripheral vision for easy interaction with your working environment, Lynx EVO transforms the way you work. And with no eyepieces to adjust, it’s easy to share between multiple users, ensuring increased productivity and maximum return on your investment.

Dynascope technology for superior imaging

Dynascope has redefined the science of microscopy, overcoming the physical limitations of conventional microscopes to help laboratories and workshops improve quality and productivity. At its heart, there is a multi-lenticular disc which incorporates more than 3.5 million individual lenses, or ‘lenticules’, each just a few microns in diameter.  The multi‐lenticular disk spins at high speed to merge the millions of individual optical paths into a high‐clarity, high contrast image