Mahr Inc. Contour Metrology

MarSurf measuring stations combine outstanding instruments with patented ideas. This equipment facilitates manual and automated operation. By means of different software components and connection of various drive units, measurement of roughness, contour and topography is possible.



The MarSurf XC 20 is the top contour system of Mahr. With the optimal measuring equipment, the system offers the highest measuring performance. MarSurf XC 20 controls the drive unit PCV as well as the measuring stand ST 500 or ST 750.

  • Quick and easy programs mean a simpler, faster, more dependable way to measure and evaluate parts
  • Compare nominal and actual values with ease
  • Can accommodate parts with variable tolerances
  • Wear analysis is made simple with the use of variable evaluation ranges
  • Optimized calibration accuracy ensures the highest measurement accuracy

The MarSurf XCR 20 is ideal for combining contour and roughness depth evaluation. The roughness software and contour software each have their own user interface. MarSurf XCR 20 is Mahr’s top surface measurement system and enables even semi-automated operating sequences such as measuring stand positioning (ST 750 CNC) to be performed with ease.

  • Saves space because both drive units (MarSurf PCV 200 contour drive unit and GD 25 roughness drive unit) can be adapted using the corresponding combi-support on measuring stand ST 500 or ST 750
  • Roughness and contour evaluations possible from a single measurement
  • High-precision contour and roughness evaluation with MarSurf LD 120 measuring system on components requiring a large stroke and very high resolution
  • Option of rapidly changing between roughness and contour measurements, realized through straightforward changeover within the software platform and changing of the mechanical components such as the drive unit and pick-up versions

The LD 120 is a new measuring unit that closes the gap between roughness and contour measuring units in the spectrum of Mahr surface products. The probe system (z-axis) offers a measuring range of 10 mm with a resolution of 2 mm.

  • Roughness and contour in a single stroke. Users need only half the time for their work to be faster, more reliable and more efficient. With just one measurement, they have all the results for roughness and contour characteristics at a glance
  • State-of-the-art measuring technology for small tolerances. The integrated special optical measuring system provides pinpoint accuracy over a broad measuring range and at maximum resolution. Users can also process jobs with low tolerances and thus tackle new challenges head-on