Mahr Inc. Micrometers

Technical development is impossible without constant development of metrology. The synergies resulting from Mahr’s research prove successful in highly sensitive precision systems and high-tech fiber technology worldwide.



Micromar 40 EWRi


Mahr’s wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its new digital micrometer, the Micromar 40 EWRi. The 40 EWRi is the latest addition to Mahr’s Integrated Wireless family of products, which include digital calipers, indicators and depth gages. Measurement data is transferred to an i-Stick on a computer without any interfering data cables, while MarCom Software makes data acquisition simple: the user takes a measurement and transmits measuring data directly into MS Excel or keyboard code, where it can then be moved into any Windows program or existing SPC application.



The MarConnect Integrated Wireless interface activates as soon as the i-Stick is plugged in. Once connected, each micrometer/caliper/indicator is identified by signal coding in the MarCom software, so there is no confusion as to which instrument is transmitting the data. The micrometer confirms whether the transmitted data was transferred correctly or whether the operator is not in the receiving area of the i-Stick receiver. Because the wireless data transmitters are built into the micrometer/caliper/indicator, no interface boxes or additional batteries are required. Additionally, integrating the transmitters into the gage electronics makes the units extremely energy efficient and can extend battery life up to 50 percent longer than competitive systems.


General Information

Micromar Micrometers are available as digital or mechanical instruments and are ideal for measurement of external and internal dimensions. Mahr Micrometers are characterized by their precision ground measuring spindle, carbide tipped measuring faces and robust frame construction. These features guarantee extreme precision and ensure a long lifetime.

  • Digital – Next to calipers, micrometers are the most frequently used hand measuring instruments. Digital micrometers are additionally simple to operate and enable data transmission.
  • Mechanical –┬áThe advantage of micrometers with a dial comparator is that they are ideal for rapid measurements on precision production parts. They are simple and clear to read because of the dial and tolerance markers that permit fast examination.