Mahr MMQ 400-2

The MMQ 400 series supports fully automatic measurement of form and positional deviations as per DIN/ISO 1101 such as roundness, straightness, parallelism, coaxiality, run-out, cylindricity, and taper. Our Formtester machines are equipped with a precision rotary spindle as well as horizontal and vertical straightness measuring axes of various lengths. This series of universal Formtesters has all the tools you need for measuring a whole range of workpieces. An array of different options and accessories makes the process of adapting to special workpiece geometries straightforward and easy. MarWin AdvancedForm software offers easy operation with maximum flexibility.

The MMQ 400 is a universally applicable form measuring ma­chine for both shop floor and precision lab use

The MMQ 400 can be flexibly used for comprehensive workpi­ece assessment according to DIN ISO 1101. The high-precision measuring axes in both vertical (Z) and horizontal (X) direction allow for any type of form measurement.


MarForm MMQ 400 for:

  • high precision workpieces
  • extremely long workpieces
  • big and heavy workpieces
  • use on both the shop floor and in precision labs


There are five types of MarForm MMQ 400. Each one is tailored to perfectly suit your specific requirements:

  • motor-driven or manual centering and tilting table,
  • vertical (Z) axis of either 500 mm (19.7 in) or 900 mm (35.4 in) of length with a horizontal (X) axis of 280 mm (11 in) of length or
  • 350 mm (13.8 in) vertical (Z) axis with a 180 mm (7.1 in) horizontal (X) axis,
  • digital path measuring system for reading out the linear scales in X and Z direction for highly reproducible measuring results.


With the tailstock option, many shaft-like workpieces can now be clamped between two centers for measurement instead of being held just on one end in a rim chuck. The tailstock thus cuts down the alignment time for workpieces from several minutes to just a few simple steps and further increases the efficiency of your MarForm MMQ 400-2.