Mark-10 Test Stands

Mark-10’s force and torque gages and measurement systems are used by quality control, engineering and manufacturing professionals in virtually every industry around the world to help assess and ensure product quality.

Motorized & Manual Test Stands


  • Motorized –┬áMark-10 offers a wide and unique range of motorized force measurement and torque measurement test stands. Motorized stands offer a significant advantage over manual test stands by providing constant test speed. Some models can be programmed for advanced test sequences to accommodate demanding applications. All motorized test stands carry the CE mark.
  • Manual –┬áMark-10 offers the industry’s most extensive line of manual force measurement and torque measurement test stands. Test stands are useful in eliminating variability, which is inherent in hand testing, and can help to automate test processes. A wide range of capacities, loading methods and configurations are available.