MICRO IIi Air Gage

Configured with dual inputs, the MICRO IIi is the ideal instrument for match fitting components such as hydraulic valve spools to sleeves, fuel injector plungers to cylinders, and air bearing sleeves to shafts. Connected to a set of Western’s air probes and air ring gages, the MICRO IIi displays I .D . size,  O.D . size and the clearance between the mating parts at digital resolutions down to 2 microinches or .05 microns.


  • Ruggedized Microcontroller
  • Operates all types of air gage members and LVDT sensors
  • Out-of-tolerance conditions flagged red
  • CE Compliant
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto calibration using one or two setting masters
  • Wrap-a-round bargraph
  • RS-232 & USB Serial Data Ports