Mikron Tool CrazyDrill Alu

CrazyDrill Alu from Mikron Tool provides optimal chip removal, extraordinary tool life, high productivity and simultaneously excellent surface quality.

This tungsten carbide drill for aluminum guarantees that users enjoy maximum profitability.

Because of its three-flute geometry, it is self-centering. CrazyDrill Alu is available from stock in a diameter range from 0.4 mm to 3 mm (.016” to .118”) and in usable lengths of 5 x d and 10 x d.

Additional Information


CrazyDrill Alu is best for cast and wrought aluminum alloys and produces extraordinary machining results. Most notably, it impresses with its extraordinarily high drilling speed and tool life.

It is not only impressive in pure aluminum because of the specially adapted coating, but it also exhibits a considerably longer tool life compared to other available tools in the market when machining silicon-based aluminum alloys.

CrazyDrill Alu is self-centering because of its three flutes. This means centering or pilot drilling, which is needed in long twist drill types, is no longer required. A straight hole (no deviation), best roundness and high hole surface quality are ensured. Centering or pilot drilling is only recommended on an irregular or inclined material surface and for higher position accuracy if needed.

Its helical groove geometry provides optimal chip flow while only minimum chip removal is needed (for drilling depths > 5 x d).

With its external cooling, CrazyDrill Alu is an optimal solution for all aluminum alloys up to a drilling depth of 10 x d. For deeper holes, Mikron Tool recommends drills with through-tool cooling such as CrazyDrill Cool and CrazyDrill Cool XL.