Mikron Tool CrazyDrill Flex

CrazyDrill Flex from Mikron Tool makes drilling within a diameter range from 0.1 to 1.2 mm (.004” to .047”) possible, whereas drilling depths of up to 50 x d (drill with integrated cooling) can be achieved with high process reliability.

Small and deep holes can be drilled quickly, precisely and in a cost-efficient manner on machining centers, automatic lathes or transfer machines instead of using a gun drilling machine.

In the case of deep and small drilled holes, this extra-long drill guarantees a significantly shorter processing time compared to a single-lip drill, electro-erosion (EDM) or laser method.

Two types of drill bits can be selected: CrazyDrill Flex Steel, suitable mainly for steels, cast iron, aluminum alloys, brass and bronze and CrazyDrill Flex Titanium, suitable for long-chip producing materials such as titanium and copper.

To achieve high thru position accuracy in deep-hole drilling, it is recommended users perform a preliminary piloting/centering operation with CrazyDrill Flexpilot. This shortdrill is for depths from 2 – 3 x d and creates a perfect thru position for deep holes with CrazyDrill Flex. It also permits high drilling speeds based on its innovative drill geometry.


Additional Information


CrazyDrill Flex is a solid carbide drill that is flexible, but at the same time suitable for deep holes of up to 50 x d. The version with a usable length of 50 x d has through coolant channels integrated in the shank. Because of the special configuration and form of the coolant holes, a very concentrated jet is obtained, which flushes the chips from the flutes and cools the tip of the drill. The coolant jet remains concentrated even at a high rotation speed. Besides the cutting oil, emulsions can also be used.

Because of the special carbide grade and geometry, CrazyDrill Flex is very precise and resilient.

The design between the necked down drill diameter and the clamping shank has elasticity which permits a process-reliable drilling, particularly under difficult conditions. It can compensate inaccuracies in the hole positioning, which can typically occur in a multi-spindle lathe or a rotary transfer machine.

CrazyDrill Flex can easily compensate up to 40 percent of its diameter and does not break like conventional solid carbide drill bits. Until now, this was only achieved with HSS tools.