Mitutoyo Granite Surface Plates

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Surface Plates


  • Natural granite seasoned for thousands of years is free from deterioration or dimensional change over time
  • Granite surface plate has many advantages over cast iron surface plates: Twice as hard as cast iron
  • Minimal changes in dimension from temperature changes
  • Free from wringing, so there is no interruption of work. Free from burrs or protrusions because of fine grain structure and insignificant stickiness; this ensures high degree of flatness over a long service life and causes no damage to other parts or instruments
  • Trouble-free operation for use with magnetic materials
  • Long life and rust-free, resulting in low maintenance costs
  • Surface plates meet or exceed Federal Specification GGG-P-463c. Each Surface Plate is shipped with a Certificate of Accuracy which guarantees its accuracy and verifies its traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • All plates from 48″x108″ and larger are Machine Base Gray Granite. Smaller plates are Black Granite
  • Surface Plates, to size of specifications other than standard, available on special order
  • Surface Plates, with bolt screws, available on special order