Mitutoyo Precision Gages

One of the World’s Leading Manufacturers of Precision Measuring Equipment – Offering a Huge Range of Products from Micrometers and Gages to Hardness Testers and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines



QuantuMike – Coolant-proof micrometer featuring faster measurement with 2mm per rev. instead of the standard 0.5.

  • A patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatability
  • A function lock helps prevent error – IP-65 protection level
  • Certificate of inspection is provided
  • Provides a standard bar except for 0-25mm/0-1″ model
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case


QuickMike – The Quickmike provides a speedy spindle feed of 10mm/.4” per thimble rotation as compared to the conventional micrometer with 0.5mm/.025” per rotation. Its wide 30mm/1.2” measuring range allows various workpieces with different shapes to be measured quickly.

  • Non-rotating spindle and the new ratchet friction thimble
  • Provides absolute linear scale
  • IP54 dust/water protection (when not connected with data output cable)
  • SPC data output
  • Provides a standard bar to set the origin point (for models with a range over 30mm/1.2”)
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case




Solar Absolute – Exclusive AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor) technology. The patented AOS offers improved measurement dependability by increasing resistance to harsh workshop conditions.

  • Large and clear LCD readout
  • The ZERO/ABS key allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements. This switch will also allow return to the absolute (ABS) coordinate and display of the true position from the origin point (usually jaws-closed point)
  • Data Hold Unit (959143) is optional
  • Carbide-tipped jaw type calipers available
  • With thumb roller. Except 500-500-10, 500-501-10, 500-502-10
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case. Except 1000mm /40” (supplied in wooden case)


Super Caliper – This caliper is solar-powered and needs no battery or origin reset for IP67

  • No origin restoration necessary, a measurement can be started any time and there is no restriction on operating speed
  • Impact resistance of the display unit has been increased for improved usage in workshop conditions
  • IP67 protection assures waterproof reliability
  • Uses components that do not contain harmful substances and is compatible with RoHS Directives
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case




ABSOLUTE Digimatic Standard Indicator – Digital indicator as compact as standard Series 2 dial indicator.

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD
  • GO/NG judgment can be performed by setting upper and lower tolerance limits. The judgment result (GO/NG) can be displayed in full-size characters
  • Positive/negative count resulting from the spindle’s up/down movement can be toggled
  • Internal calculations using the simple formula of [F(x)=Ax)] are available
  • Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the ID-C always displays the spindle “Absolute Position” from the origin at power-on. Unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors
  • ID-C indicator face can be rotated 330° to an appropriate angle for easy reading
  • SPC data output


Dial Indicator (Series 0-Compact type) – Compact dial indicators with bezel diameters of ø31 or ø36mm for restricted-space applications in gaging jigs.


Dial Indicators (Series 2-Standard One Revolution type for Error-free Reading)

  • Unique shock-proof mechanism is incorporated, providing improved immunity to shock because of sudden spindle retraction caused by high impact
  • Crystal is hard coated for durability and scratch resistance
  • Approximately 40 percent lighter than the conventional dial indicator
  • Provided with an improved resistance to shop floor contaminants such as water and dust
  • Because the spindle bushing is offset from the stem, spindle movement will not be hindered or jammed when clamping along the stem
  • Pair of limit hands are provided for quick and easy tolerance judgment (GO/NG)


Snap Gages


Dial Snap Gages-Series 201

  • Designed for quick GO/NG judgment of diameters of cylinders and shafts in machining processes
  • Dial indicator is optional
  • Anvil retracting stroke: .078”/2mm
  • Anvil positioning range: 1”/25mm
  • Wide (.53 x .47”/13.5 x 12mm), flat carbide anvils
  • Both front edges of the anvil are chamfered for easy insertion