OGP Tangram Software


A very capable, flexible and yet intuitive metrology software, TANGRAM offers a totally graphical approach with no need to learn any complex programming language and fits each customer need perfectly. TANGRAM is developed for users who need simple, economic, easy to use metrology software that does only what they need. TANGRAM offers the correct balance of functionality, usability and performance and is the final piece of the flexible gauging solution and of CMM functionality.


  • Direct measure with point guidance
  • Self teaching of the part-program with automatic re-execution
  • Point-to-point and scanning measurements
  • Automatic syntactic analysis of sequences to avoid mistakes
  • Off-line editing and programming


  • Simplified and advanced reference system creation.
  • From 3-2-1 to fixture-3-sphere best-fitting
  • Simplified probe management with automatic Probe Group calibration and in-program, 100% flexible probe calibration for optimum accuracy
  • Customizable reports in many formats as Text, DMIS standard, Excel, HTML .
  • Graphical, in-line element reporting easing element form and position deviation evaluation.


  • Geometric tolerancing and relations between elements
  • Measurements may be stored in a Access database, thus be accessed by any application for special calculations, statistics, integration to other applications
  • Dry-run mode for checking program flow
  • Special calculations may be added with a Pascal-like inner language for advanced users

  • ITACA Flexgauage C-Series
  • ITACA Flexgauage T-Series