Prolink QC-CALC

QC-CALC is a fully automated data collection and SPC interface for all inspection CMMs. Advanced features allow users to filter data into useful information, detect negative trends, automatically generate exception reports and export the data to any popular statistical package.

QC-CALC Options


  • QC-CALC Real-Time – Used to collect and display measurement results from all CMMs, Video CMMs and hand gages without operator intervention. Users can create reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases and other SPC programs. This means users can transfer data from all of your measurement devices to any SPC package using one program.
  • QC-CALC SPC – A complete SPC package that analyzes the data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. QC-CALC SPC’s charts and reports can constantly monitor users’ processes and keep them in control. QC-CALC SPC offers a wide variety of charts and functions to aid analysis and give users the power to make on-the-spot decisions. In seconds, QC-CALC SPC gives a precise picture of how a production line is performing with easy-to-use menus.
  • QC-CALC Enterprise – The equivalent of QC-CALC Real-Time and QC-CALC SPC installed on the same computer.