Regal Tools Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Thread mills are used to produce threads on machining centers which are capable of helical interpolation and the benefits of thread milling versus tapping are specific to the needs of the customer.

Short run jobs, especially in expensive parts where thread finish is critical, are favorable for thread milling.

Difficult to machine materials, such as inconel, hard steels or titanium and short run jobs requiring taper pipe threads can be thread milled with good results.

Solid Carbide Thread Mill Options


  • Spiral Flute Solid Carbide Thread Mills – Vortex helical fluted AlTiN coated thread mills produce threads with excellent form, finish and accuracy, which makes threading difficult materials easy. Additionally, one tool cuts both left and right hand threads.
  • Pipe Thread Solid Carbide Thread Mills – Vortex Taper Pipe thread mills are made from sub-micrograin carbide and are AlTin coated. A helical flute design reduces chatter and allows for higher feed in the cut. These have high transverse rupture strength and excellent wear resistance.
  • Heavy Duty Solid Carbide Thread Mills – Vortex Heavy Duty thread mills are designed with a larger cutter and shank diameter to withstand torsional deflection. The helical flute design reduces chatter and can be run at higher speeds. These reduce cycle time and require less torque.
  • Coolant Feeding Solid Carbide Thread Mills – Vortex thread mills with a coolant feeding feature assure coolant will reach the cutting action and produce threads with excellent form, finish and accuracy.