Scienscope Optical Systems

Scienscope offers four different types of binocular stereo zoom microscope systems – the ELZ Series, SSZ-II Series, NZ Series, and E–Series.

  • The ELZ Series is not only a great choice for an entry level binocular microscope, but it’s cost effective and compact. It has a zoom range of 3.5x – 120x with options and a FOV of 67mm – 6mm with options
  • The SSZ-II Series, which is a user-friendly stereo zoom microscope, has a zoom range of 2x – 180x with options and a FOV of 109mm – 1.3mm with options
  • The NZ Series is a step above the SSZ-II, with precision optics and a sealed body, as well as a 4x – 200x zoom range and 55mm – 1.6mm FOV with options
  • The E-Series, which is Scienscope’s parallel zoom binocular system, is ergonomic, customizable and has high performance optics. The E-Series also has a zoom range of 4x – 480x with options and 57mm – 0.6mm FOV with options

 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes


ELZ – A mini binocular stereo zoom microscope, offering high performance optics and features without the high performance price tag to match. The optical system is suitable for all industrial, electronic and educational inspection applications. The internal mechanics are based on the dependable NZ series. The sealed microscope body is perfect for use in harsh environments as well as clean rooms.

  • Upgradable System – Available upgrades on eyepieces, objective lenses, light sources and many other microscope components allows flexible adaptation to users’ changing workflows
  • Maintenance-Free – Anti-mold and air-tight sealed body design eliminates the need for regular maintenance and adds additional reliability in most working environments
  • High-quality Optics – Based on the NZ series microscope construction, the ELZ outperforms many competitors in the compact category


SSZ-II – Scienscope’s most popular binocular microscope with high performance and durability that has been proven and time tested. It is made with the most advanced body construction and technology with a single spindle zoom, modularized gears and fixed prisms. It also uses an isolated nylon-on-nylon gear system which increases the smoothness of the zoom and protects the gears from other moving parts.

  • Built to Last – Precision CNC machined parts assembled to leading industry standards. Extends the life of the microscope and lowers service costs
  • User-friendly – High point, lockable eyepieces and ergonomically located zoom control
  • Excellent for Documentation – Third view port allows video output; makes training and documenting work a snap


NZ – Designed for all industrial, electronic and medical manufacturing applications. It boasts a new air and moisture tight housing and unbreakable eyepiece ports and is perfect for the rigors of the assembly line or any harsh manufacturing environment. Because of the design, the NZ is virtually maintenance free. The NZ series will allow users to view or inspect their work with unequaled clarity and know that the durability of the microscope will not be compromised. With a wide variety of eyepieces, focus mounts, stands, illumination and auxiliary lens accessories, users can find the perfect system to meet their needs.


E-Series – Offers two types of optical heads: Tilting or Fixed. The new Tilting/Ergo Head allows up to 45 degrees of tilt/positioning capability and 180 degrees of rotating capability to accommodate operators of any height or bench position of the stereo microscope. The Fixed head provides a 20 degree inclination with extended eye tubes for fatigue reduced viewing. All E-Series microscopes are easily upgradeable to a Trinocular (Video Camera) port for on-screen viewing and image capture at mega pixel resolution.