Steiner Technologies Automatic Back Boring

The Autofacer® is a tool that allows the machinist to reach through a hole and machine a circular feature on the back side of the part automatically. This could include a spot face, counter bore, countersink, chamfer, spherical radius or some combination thereof.

This is accomplished by folding the cutting blade into the shaft of the tool body, allowing the tool to pass into the part. Once the tool has entered the part the cutting blade is mechanically opened and cutting may begin.

The cutting blades that are held open during cutting allows the Autofacer to perform heavy interrupted cuts, while the body utilizes the part hole to support the tool while cutting. This enables the operator to run the Autofacer at carbide speeds and feeds – even at long length to diameter ratios.

There are three styles of the Autofacer: Inertia, Bump and Torque Bar.






Torque Bar