Enhanced functionality

• The gang-type tool post is equipped with the 4-spindle counter face milling unit with B-axis control function *1. Control of turning angles at the range from O deg. to 90 deg. and from O deg. to -45 deg. is possible.
* 1 : ER20 (front side)/ ER 16 (rear side)
• In addition to type A. quick-changeable turret-type tool post enabling use of the existing tool units, type B, turret-type tool post with one-position tool drive mechanism is lined up.
• The sub spindle motor which has the same power as the main spindle motor (7.5/11 kW) enhances machining capability on the rear side.
• Power tool units can be mounted on all positions of the 8-spindle back working unit with Y-axis control function.

Improved workability and operability

• The layout of the tool post with slanted bed frame greatly improved setup and maintenance workability.
• Operation assistance software has a variety of functions such as “Tool Unit No. Input Screen” for checking tool unit dimensions and “Alarm Help Function” for checking alarm contents on the screen.

Higher rigidity and accuracy

• The 4-spindle counter face milling unit employs the structure for holding the upper and lower ends. Furthermore, the clamp mechanism is additionally employed to improve the unit’s holding rigidity.
• The dovetail groove guideway is employed on the sliding surfaces of the X3-axis of the turret-type tool post and the Y2-axis of the 8-spindle back working unit to improve rigidity of the tool post.
• Type B turret-type tool post employs the one-position tool drive mechanism which suppresses vibration and prevents heating of the tool unit.
• The “Spindle sleeve slide guideway structure” in non-guide bush mode holds cutting force on the slideways configured close to the cutting point so as to suppress deflection of the spindle and achieve highly accurate machining .
• A hydraulic rotary cylinder installed in the main chucking mechanism secures stable gripping force regardless of variation of workpiece diameters.
• The thermal sensors installed on various positions of the machine achieve highly accurate and flexible thermal displacement correction.