Quick. Easy. Compact.

The VE CAM compact digital microscope system is ideal for quick and accurate inspection right where you need it. High quality custom-made optics and digital features combine for superior performance. Ideal for visual inspection or manufacturing quality control.

Start working immediately

Get operational in minutes with this easy-to-use full HD digital microscope, saving time and effort on training your operators.  Teams can work quickly and efficiently inspecting and assessing samples directly on the shop floor, identifying issues in an instant.

Compact Digital Microscope Maximizes your Workspace

Reduce your workstation clutter saving valuable workspace with the compact size of VE Cam. There is no need for a PC, keyboard or mouse, and if you are exceptionally tight on space, you can simply mount a screen onto the unit. With a compact mini monitor, set up has a footprint of just 25 cm x 34 cm.

Streamline processes

Easily incorporate VE Cam compact digital microscope into your shop floor in-line inspection or next to your specific machinery for maximum convenience, reducing the need to transport samples across different workstations.

Effortlessly identify faults

VE Cam high quality optics and camera provides great image quality to ensure easy detection of faults.

Improve efficiency

Easily change user presets to allow different operators to work efficiently. 10 user programmable presets enable faster switch over times between multiple inspections of different samples and product lines. Six hotkeys give instant access to the most commonly used presets.

Experience Wi-Fi screen sharing

Save time and view operator results wirelessly without interrupting production. VE Cam digital microscope allows flexibility with wireless connections to smart devices and displays with screen mirroring.

Fine tune your image

Find your perfect balance between contrast, brightness and total image size. Use the Iris control to fine control both the depth of focus and the amount and shape of light applied to the sample. This is essential for controlling the contrast at higher magnification levels.