Vision Engineering Mantis

Ergonomic. Versatile. Productive.

Mantis stereo microscopes are an award-winning range of ergonomic 3D stereo microscopes which offer exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging. With no awkward eyepieces and nothing to hunch over, operators can increase productivity through a stress-free viewing experience, seeing more and doing more than is possible with conventional microscopes.


The unmatched ergonomic design of the Mantis stereo microscope allows your eyes and hands to work together naturally to reduce operator fatigue and eye strain. Less discomfort leads to improved efficiency and greater productivity even over longer sessions. Enhanced depth perception and access to peripheral vision mean easier working with tools and subjects. You can even use Mantis without taking your glasses off.


There’s a Mantis for any application where you would otherwise use a bench magnifier or traditional stereo microscope.  Designed for accuracy in the industrial workplace, Mantis is ideal for quality inspection of assemblies, repairs and reworks, sample preparation and dissection, and more.  Mantis is the 3D stereo microscope of choice for industries including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and manufacturing.  If you need to magnify it, you need a Mantis