Star CNC

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is among the leading providers of superior technology and service to the machine tool industry. Founded in 1948, Star CNC is a division of Star Micronics Co., Ltd. of Japan, one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of Swiss-type turning machines for the production of small, complex and precise metal components.

Star CNC offers a broad range of Swiss-type Automatic Lathes to meet all your small, complex and precise metal components machining requirements. Customer benefits include fast job processing, high process reliability, simple and logical operation, energy-efficiency and low non-productive time.

Product Areas

  • SR-20R IV
  • SR-20JII
  • SR-10J
  • SR-32J111
  • SB-12R/16R/20R
  • SR-38
  • SL-10
  • SK-51
  • ST-38
  • ST-20
  • SW-20
  • SV-20R
  • SX-38
  • SW-12RII

Star CNC Products