Measurement Uncertainty Budgets (MUB)

All measurements are subject to uncertainty and a measured value is only complete if it is accompanied by a statement of the associated uncertainty. This class will help you calculate the probability of the uncertainty and ensure your measurement system is compliant with ISO 17025. Covered in the training will be basic terminology, basic statistical…

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with CAPA

This highly effective Root Cause Analysis with CAPA workshop instills the basics on how to use a simple, yet proven approach to correcting and preventing problems or nonconformities that exist anywhere in the organization.

Print Reading for Industry

This basic print reading program explains the importance of engineering drawings in manufacturing and thoroughly describes the generation and duplication of such drawings. It discusses the basic elements of a blueprint and introduces the concepts which students must master to successfully interpret engineering drawings. No prior knowledge of drafting or drawing is assumed. This blueprint…

Reducing Stress and Enhancing Performance in Quality and Manufacturing Teams


Quality and manufacturing teams are subject to significant stress and anxiety as a result of their fast-paced environment and requirements of their business-critical functions. Assisting team members to deal with this stress through supplying helpful tools results in better decision-making, fewer conflicts, and improved team performance.

Quality 101 Foundational Concepts

This program provides a fundamental and practical overview of quality, the evolution of quality systems, and their applications. Problem-solving tools and root cause analysis, along with statistics, are discussed.

Gage Calibration Methods

OurĀ Gage Calibration Methods training is a hands-on workshop, offering specialized training in calibration and minor repair for the individual who has some knowledge of basic Metrology. Course includes hands-on calibration and minor repairs and adjustments of micrometers, calipers, indicators, bore gages, etc. The course also covers NIST Traceability, Certificates of Conformance, gage management, and standards.…

GD&T Fundamentals

This program is a complete introduction to the Y14.5M-1994, Y14.5-2009, and Y14.5-2018 standards. The proper use of GD&T closes the gap between designers and measurement personnel. The concepts are introduced to both groups, from two different angles. Design and Inspection techniques are examined that will greatly increase knowledge of inspection methods.

Leadership Development Workshop for Quality and Manufacturing Leaders


During this workshop, you will learn about your own Saboteurs, how they impact your leadership and how you can transform your leadership to be more Sage-driven instead of Saboteur-driven, thereby taking your leadership skills and impact to the next level.