Cimcool Cimperial 1060CFZ

Cimperial 1060CFZ is a soluble oil recommended for moderate to heavy duty machining and grinding operations. It is the chlorine-free version of Cimperial 1070.

It can be used on mild, stainless and hardened steels, as well as exotics and most aluminum alloys.

It should not be used on magnesium alloys.

Additional Information


  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent grinding ability where part quality and finish are critical
  • Performs well in most machining applications, including drilling, reaming, sawing and form tapping
  • Second generation version of Cimperial 1060CF with improved biological protection
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Can be used in virtually any operation on a variety of metals, even in the manufacturing of medical parts
  • Available additional foam control


Cimperial 1060CFZ is to be mixed with water for use. Always add concentrate to water. Add no other materials to the concentrate or mix unless approved by a CIMCOOL® District Manager.

Grinding 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10)
Machining 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10)