Micro 100 Carbide Round Tooling

Each Micro 100 tool is made with the exclusive and proprietary Super Carbide Process for extended tool life and wear, compared to other carbide tools today.

Carbide Round Tooling Options


  • Micro 100’s Solid Carbide Boring Tools¬†are the company’s flagship products. These tools are used for boring holes of any size and depth. A mirror finish on the cutting face is different from other tools in that it provides users with the benefit of maintaining superior chip ejection, therefore extending wear life and providing a sharper edge or corner. All sizes and bore depths are available as coated or uncoated tools.
  • The Micro-QUIK three-point locking system is one of the most unique and exact systems in the industry. With its repeatability to centerlines at .0005″ it requires the user to locate the tool touch-off just once. Its precise repeatability provides users a huge cost savings with less down-time, more productivity and increased shop floor velocity – all resulting in higher bottom-line profits.
  • The V-HEMOTH style end mill is designed for high production runs and/or high-speed milling. Its variable pitch design lends itself to a far superior finish with greatly reduced vibration, all of which assist in the elimination of chatter.
  • The unique Keyseat Cutter is engineered with a solid carbide construction to enhance cutting action and greatly minimize vibration, chip drag and re-cutting as well as vastly improving finish. It is available in many different reach options with a cutter diameter as small as .093″.