Mahr Precimar 130B

The 130B-24 gage block comparator from Mahr Federal is the preferred choice of many major calibration laboratories. It is specifically designed for comparative gage block measurements. The 130B-24 model measures the industry’s key dimensional stand


Gage block positioner
An accurate positioner is built into the plate of the 130B-24. The reference gage block and the testpiece gage block are loaded into the openings in the template. The device swivels between the contact points and positions the gage blocks – first the reference gage block and then the testpiece gage block in its reference position and in the corners of the gage block. Three easily exchangeable templates are included, one for square and two for rectangular
(30 mm and 35 mm/1.18 in and 1.38 in) gage blocks.
Other templates are available as optional extras. The positioner is suitable for gage blocks from 0.20 in (0.5 mm) to 4 in (100 mm) long. It can be fitted for right- or left-handed users or removed completely if necessary. An acrylic breath shield is included to protect the measuring area against body heat. Please see our special brochure for further information on the software.



  • A unique “floating measuring frame” ensures precise point-to-point measurement
  • Single-sensor design minimizes electronic noise
  • Finely balanced system optimizes control of measuring forces
  • Resolution of 0.1 μin (0.001 μm)
  • Reproducibility of 0.2 μin (0.005 μm) (6σ < 1 μin/0.025 μm)
  • Measuring capacity of 0.010 in to 4 in (0.25 mm to 100 mm)
  • Integrated measuring software and user interface
  • Built-in positioner for reproducible measuring positions