Mahr Precimar 826 PC


The 826 PC gage block measuring unit is fast, reliable, and extremely precise. In comparative measurement, it achieves a reproducibility of 0.01 μm.
An open and extremely rigid L-shaped stand forms the basis for the two opposing high-precision probes and the perfect level measuring table.
Work is made easy thanks to straightforward one-handed operation for manipulating reference and test gage blocks on the measuring table. The open design allows visual contact during testing.
The user is able to view the measuring process at all times which helps to ensure a unique level of process reliability.
Two professional measuring and evaluation programs (software) meet all the needs of internal gage block tests, calibration laboratories, and gage block manufacturers.


•Rigid cast-iron stand ensures a stable temperature and
insensitivity to heat
•Easily adjustable vertical slide with upper probe
•Very ergonomic and convenient one-handed operation for positioning the gage block under the probe
•Fine adjustment via rigidly connected parallelogram springs
•Electropneumatic lifting of the probes
•Extremely smooth manipulator operation thanks to high-precision ball bushings
•Measurement not influenced by manual force applied

•Gage blocks are easy to move on the measuring table thanks to round, hardened high-precision support pins
•Flattening correction
•Correction of differing coefficients of thermal expansion
•Calculation of mean values

•QMSOFT® / QM-Block 32 for calibration and management of gage blocks and gage block sets
•Very effective protection from heat due to an acrylic glass screen along the sides of the unit
•Lifting device 826 Va HS for the fast and quiet pneumatic lifting of the inductive probes via footswitch.
•Temperature compensation
•Wooden tongs, pneumatic gage block lifter, optical flat, surface thermometer